Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dear Pastor John Kilpatrick, We'd like clearer answers.

To Pastor John Kilpatrick:


I sincerely appreciate you responding with a statement to my previous e-mail. Yours is the only response I have received of the 5 letters I have sent. But I am not satisfied with your statement as it answers no questions concerning Todd Bentley's doctrine and what the Assemblies of God congregations should do with it. (i.e., ignore it, condemn it, or support it)

I've been in church all of...
[+-] Expand/Collapse Post life. Every minister I have ever known took such a high view of doctrine and their ministry/pulpit responsibilities that they would never allow ANYONE to preach from their pulpit without first finding out what they believe. Yet (as one of our commenters believed) you were "reverse-duped" and tricked into speaking at Todd Bentley's pulpit without knowing HIS doctrine.

How could you, a man who claims to holds doctrine so highly, (and I believe you do) be "duped" to do something like that?
Perhaps someone told you they were taking you to speak at the Assemblies of General Council but then took you to Florida instead?
(I'm very serious... If you were "duped" in any way I'd love to hear the story from you!)

In the end there are only three options I can see why you might have stood in front of possibly millions of people to bless Todd Bentley and the "Florida Outpouring"...

(1) You are going against the AoG Position Papers and over 50 years of refusing to support the Latter Rain movement by the Assemblies of God thus accepting the "Latter Rain" doctrines of Todd Bentley.

(2) You do NOT hold doctrine or the issue of another man's "doctrine" nearly as highly as your statement says you do. (at least not high enough to check out Todd Bentley's doctrine in advance)

(3) You were drugged, kidnapped, led to the revival by force, and forced to speak and pray on that stage.

I want to believe you Pastor Kilpatrick when you say that you hold doctrine in high regard, but I can't when you were thoughtless enough to put yourself in front of the world (on satellite camera) to say "This is a move of God..." and "I bless you (Todd) in Jesus' name, that this thing (Todd's revival) would go worldwide" when Todd Bentley's doctrine is so completely unbiblical.

You said in your statement to me that doctrine "is the infrastructure that a move of God runs on. You can not separate a man from his doctrine." I agree. But there has been easy-to-find, ample evidence documented about Todd Bentley's doctrines and "Latter Rain" associations and they should have alarmed you to the truth.

This statement sounds to me like you are attempting to say that you knew NOTHING of Todd Bentley's doctrine...and that's my point!

And that's why you should now "fess up" (especially to your own congregation and the worldwide members of Assembly of God churches) and say
"I made a mistake. I was duped. (if applicable) I do not support Todd Bentley's ministry. I stand with the Assemblies of God General Council of 1949 and the Article 16 Position Papers in taking a bold stand against any of Todd Bentley's "Latter Rain/Joel's Army" doctrines. And I was wrong to go on his stage."

Or maybe you are actually a Todd Bentley/Latter Rain supporter and are happy with your detail-lacking "Official Statement". If so I believe you should "fess up" to the worldwide members of Assembly of God churches that you have accepted as authentic that which the Assemblies of God has historically called unbiblical.

I sincerely hope you decide to clear this question up for me, for all of my readers, and for the world.

My two questions?...

1. Do you, Pastor John Kilpatrick, agree or disagree with the official stance and statements of the Assemblies of God as discussed at General Council in 1949 and 2000 concerning the Latter Rain movement and End Time Revival, which condemned the Latter Rain movement and its doctrines as unbiblical?

These doctrines include:
• The overemphasis on identifying, bestowing, or imparting spiritual gifts by the laying on of hands and naming, supposedly by prophecy, specific gifts.
• The problematic teaching that present-day offices of apostles and prophets should govern church ministry at all levels. and "The erroneous teaching that the church is built on the foundation of present-day apostles and prophets"
• "The extreme teaching... of confession of sin to man and deliverance as practiced, which claims prerogatives to human agency which belongs only to Christ"
• The practice of imparting or imposing personal leadings by means of gifts of utterance.
• Wresting and distorting Scripture through interpretations that are in opposition to the primary meaning of biblical passages.
• Kingdom Now or Dominion theology.
• Manifest Sons of God and Joel’s Army
• Spiritualizing Biblical Events and History
• The Prosperity Gospel
• Birthing
• Generational Curses
• Excessive fixation on Satan and demonic spirits
• Excessive Fascination With Physical "Manifestations

[ ] I AGREE with the statements of AGGC (1949 and 2000) concerning the Latter Rain Movement and End-Time Revival.
[ ] I DISAGREE with the statements of AGGC (1949 and 2000) concerning the Latter Rain Movement and End-Time Revival.

2. Do you, Pastor John Kilpatrick, believe that Todd Bentley's doctrine and ministry (as documented in his many teachings, videos etc) is straight (II Timothy 2:15), and consistently in line with the Word of God?


Two simple questions. I would be satisfied and would have no further questions for you, Steve Hill, Stephen Strader, and Dr. George O. Wood if I could get you to answer those two simple questions.
And I believe that the entire Assemblies of God denomination deserves to hear those answers so that they may be led out of confusion!

The only problem is that any answers you may give will have some consequences of strong criticism. I hope you are still willing to "wear that criticism gladly as a sign of fidelity to Christ" like you said you would at General Council in 2000!

God bless you.

In Christ,

Jon Sharp

I am also sending these questions to Steve Hill, Stephen Strader, and Dr. George O. Wood


UPDATE: I have posted the follow-up letters I sent to all recipients in THIS POST

UPDATE: Here is Pastor Stephen Strader's response to my "2-questions" letter


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Anonymous said...

I am neither "Miss Manners" nor am I "Emily Post" (two leading writers of etiquette). However, I cannot help but wonder 1) If Pastor Kilpatrick gave you permission to publish his confidential correspondence and 2)Why you chospublish both of your e-mails to him.

Your second e-mail, especially, comes across as sarcastic and mean. It is time for the Body of Christ to stop slapping it's face to spite its nose! I sincerely believe you could have and should have handled your correspondence with Pastor Kilpatrick and your remarks about him in a much more Godly way. Sure there are valid points to be made, but, my word, where is the kindness, where is the compassion, where is the sincere wanting the best to come out of all of this...your writings have the ring of someone desiring attention and approval...wanting people on "your side", when we all need to desire to be on the side of the Lord.

Please prayerfully consider what I have written...John Kilpatrick is a Godly man who loves the Word, he will do the right thing and he will do it in God's timing with wisdom.

Jon@TheWay said...

I appreciate you commenting.

1st - I explicitly told Pastor Kilpatrick in the letter I wrote him that it would be posted on my blog. So no "permission" was needed. Had he not wanted it posted he would not have replied to my e-mail.

2nd - I chose to publish my e-mails to him so that people like you could keep up with what is going on with this situation.

This is NOT a private situation. This is of worldwide concern especially among Assembly of God congregants.

I wrote Pastor Kilpatrick with valid questions to gauge his stance on an important issue. This is not a "local body" issue therefore I believe I am handling it in a completely acceptable way.

As a pastor I would hope that Pastor Kilpatrick would deal with this issue as I would. If many believed that I did something that was a disservice to the worldwide body of Christ possibly leading them to error and heresy I would want someone to bring it to my attention.

I am trying to get answers so that tens of thousands of Assemblies of God congregants can judge biblically whether or not their leadership is in the Word or in error.

Pastor Kilpatrick surely appreciates honest and sincere questions and concerns that many have concerning any association the Assembly of God leadership may have with Todd Bently and his erroneous doctrines.

I have no personal agenda against Pastor Kilpatrick. I just want to know if he stands with the historical stance of the AG condemning the "Latter Rain" heresies.

You wrote: "...your writings have the ring of someone desiring attention and approval...wanting people on "your side", when we all need to desire to be on the side of the Lord."

I agree with the last sentence wholeheartedly! That is why I am doing this. The only way we know that we are on the "side of the Lord" is by biblical guidelines which are being broken over and over in Florida.

I don't know what about this makes you believe I want attention or approval. If I did I could do much more than this blog.

I, like you, want to be standing in the Word of God.

I assure you that I am praying for Todd Bentley, John Kilpatrick, Steve Hill and Dr. Wood.

I am also praying for true revival that moves sinners to repentence rather than signs and wonders.

I never said that I believed that Pastor Kilpatrick was not a "Godly man" and I am quite sure he loves the Word and I PRAY he does the right thing. But every day he waits to do it this deception gets bigger and more people are lost to it.

Would you have me to be less demanding of Pastor Kilpatrick?

Are your children important to you?

Let's say your youth pastor decided to lead your child into Scientology because he thought Tom Cruise was an great guy doing great works --really changing the world!

Would you be less demanding in tone to your youth pastor?

Your child's soul is at stake!!

Why are the other millions of souls that ARE being tempted by the star appeal of Scientology different from YOUR child's soul.

Now what about all those (young and old) who look up to John Kilpatrick and Steve Hill? Are they leading them to danger by endorsing and giving their blessings to Todd Bentley? According to the bible, yes.

What makes all of those souls less important than your child or my child that we should go "slowly" and "gently" on those leading them to destruction??

I have a burden for ALL who are lost and will stand on the truth of the Word of God regardless of who gets their feelings hurt and regardless of what harm or criticism comes to me.

It is ALL about souls being born again by the Gospel of Jesus Christ! And Todd is NOT preaching it. And John Kilpatrick blessed him.

Hesed said...

I have confidence that Bro. Kilpatrick will do the right thing, publicly repenting of what he laid hands upon and blessed, and being clear about what his part in this revival was/is and where he stands now.

But his hastily laying hands on and "blessing" this does sadden me and make me cautious with giving him my support, until such a time as he publishes and is seen repenting.

I pray that he does the right thing, clears the air so to speak, and demonstrates the Christian leadership he has previously championed.

Rev. David Hammock said...

I am a minister, social worker, Christian counselor of many years, as well as a writer and past businessman.I don't need anyone's attention. But I do know what I am fixing to say is true:

1-It's not up to the AG denomination to discern for the body what the body should discern for itself. Point: Many years ago the AG heard from God that no divorced man could be an AG pastor. In the last few years that denominational position has changed. Question: When did God change His mind between the first time he spoke and the 2ns time He spoke, or did men just have a hard time hearing who it was that spoke?

2-Any revival not based on the Word of God, the truths of God, and the Holy Spirit of God(And they all work together in unity without contradiction)is not of God. God does not contradict Himself.

3-The focus on angels in this revival rather than repentance, Jesus Christ and a life of true discipleship is NOT a true revival.

4-Look at Todd Bentley's history. That will be an eye-opener.

5-Taking an original holy anointing and adding an unholy anointing to it= DISASTER. You do the math. I don't want Todd Bentley laying his hands on me. This craziness about kicking people in the face is absolutely absurd. Hearing from God Todd? I have serious doubts.

6-Sensationalism, extremism, emotionalism, barking like dogs and acting like chickens...I don't see this in Scripture. Any "new" thing God is doing? NO! God is a moving God but the Lord God does NOT change.

7-This isn't about anything other than telling the truth. It isn't about my opinion.

8-This is a time when people are giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. Scripture told us these things would come. America has ignore God's warnings for decades. "Godly sorrow that worketh repentance" is revival. The devil roameth to and fro, throughout the earth. like a roaring lion, seeking who he may devour. The church is easy feeding ground in the 21st century.

9-You know what the future of this is? It will get worse. People are going to continue to reject sound doctrine. The voices of the true prophets will be heard from some. Judgment is coming to America, and true revival will occur somewhere in the midst of that judgment.

10-God Himself wil send strong delusion because people would rather believe a lie than the truth. "The bigger the lie, the more who will believe it." --Adolf Hitler.

Rev. David Hammock
President & CEO
Revivals For America

Rev. David Hammock said...

What we are witnessing is a precursor to the conditions leading to the coming of the Anti-Christ, no matter when he comes. He will have the power to call down fire from heaven during the great tribulation. This generation is being desensitized and conditioned (91% of teens reject absolute truth and more than 50% of ALL Christians do NOT believe that Jesus lived a sinless life), because they have not been taught the truth, seen the truth demonstrated, or simply don't want the truth.

Just as Pharaoh was able to have his court magicians throw down two rods to be turned into serpents, don't you think that which appears to be miraculous can be counterfeit? Of course it can.

Apart from grace, firm Biblical foundations, a solid relationship of no compromise with God, spiritual mindedness, walking in the Spirit, denying self, taking up thy cross and following Jesus and being kingdom builders instead of empire builders, every effort of the church is futile. "The gospel is the power of God unto salvation," NOT the miraculous.

If we really believed the gospel is the same simple message to change lives, then why all the bells and whistles? People like to be entertained. You fill in the blanks.

"Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools."

Rev. David Hammock
Revivals For America

Anonymous said...

I believe that we owe it to leaders and others in the body of Christ, to gather information on Todd Bentley's extra-Biblical beliefs and to get this into the hands of those with whom we have relationship...many of these leaders certainly don't have the time to spend in research that some of you I encourage you to pray and do your part, not in any mean-spirited way, but in a helpful way, discerning between what is heresay and what is factual information in regard to Mr. Bentley and his teachings...Most things of concern can be confirmed through TB's own's amazing what you will find as you begin to research...then pass this on, with kindness and a sincere concern for the body of Christ, especially to leaders in your realm of this way, they will become more aware of why so many are so very concerned.

Rev. David Hammock said...

It is up to those who wear the ecclesiastical collar of "leader" to know the impact of the Florida revival on the sheep, no matter where they are. However, if the blind lead the blind, they will both stumble and fall in the ditch.

A pastor can't read all the books, magazines, attend conferences and seminars and know all that there is to know. That's humanly impossible.

Some people will not want the truth nor adhere to it now, anymore than they did during Jesus' earthly ministry.

Telling it the way it is is the kindest thing anyone can do. Speaking the truth in love for the way and the truth and the life is real kindness. We have diluted and perverted kindness into some sort of mammy, pamby easy Grace kind of Jesus as though somehow evil is a mild and casual thing on the mind of God. Tell that to the billions in hell.

"The kingdom of heaven is violent and the violent take it by force."
Read my lips, "IT'S GOING TO GET WORSE." Wake up America.

Rev. David Hammock
Revivals For America
Raleigh, NC

earthless said...


Thank you for your blog and for the information you share.

It is rather disturbing that leaders of the AoG can't seem to give straight and clear responses to simple questions made regarding Todd Bentley and the whole Lakeland counterfeit revival.

We will all be held accountable for not rightly dividing the Word of God and for not being like the Bereans and testing all things in light of Scripture.

Just wanted to send a quick little note of encouragement and to tell you we're praying for you and yours.

In Him and for Him,

Equipped Ministries