Friday, May 23, 2008

Is the AG hiding out? No response to 4 out of 5 letters!

I hope that the Assemblies of God folks I wrote (Dr. George O. Wood, etc) are simply being prayerful and conferencing to decide how to clean up their involvement with the false "Florida Outpouring" revival in Lakeland.

But I'm afraid that they would rather be politically safe and leave all of their congregants outside the sheepfold of the word of God and allow them to be lost to this false prophet, false teacher and blaspheming heretic, Todd Bentley.

The "Winds of Change" angel of Todd has prophesied a worldwide revival... and I believe that it will come to pass. But is is not an angel of God that said it. And it is not a revival of repentence. And it is not a revival of New Life in Christ. It is a revival of the "Latter Rain" heresies of the 1940's and 1950's! And now the Assemblies of God is seemingly going to ignore its rising up again after a godly history of 50 years standing against it?!?!

Weep & pray for Todd Bentley, that his eyes would be open to the Truth.
As are all of us, he is a soul in need of Jesus...
Weep & pray for those who buy into this so-called revival...
Weep & pray for the AG Leadership who is endorsing, advertising and sponsoring Todd Bentley...
Weep & pray for those pastors who are so biblically illiterate that they would lead their congregants to desire this strange "Fresh Fire" if the "old one" isn't good enough!

And pray for me. I want to be used by God to further the Gospel and sometimes it takes chopping through some weeds to plant some seeds.

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FishHawk said...

His Light is shining exceedingly bright in this post.

Hesed said...

If Ignited Church carries the Carpenter's Home Church A/G affiliation, there's nothing the Assemblies of God (A/G) can do about what Stephen Strader is doing, just as they could do nothing about his father, Karl, when he allowed lots of waaaaay out there ministers to be in that A/G church.

Unfortunately for Carpenters, that caused a church split, which resulted in Victory A/G with most of those who left Carpenters, appearing less than two miles away, and is the largest A/G church in Polk County.

Ignited Church, if it is A/G, can do whatever it wants, until it crosses the line of heresy. Then the A/G can step in. Otherwise, the church's constitution doesn't allow it, just as a independent Baptist church doesn't allow the SBC to intervene.