Tuesday, May 27, 2008

JUST IN: Dr. George O. Wood's Official Statement concerning Lakeland

I just received a response to my Open Letter from Assemblies of God General Superintendent Dr. George O. Wood. Unfortunately, like Pastor Kilpatrick District Superintendent Terry Raburn, and Pastor Strader before him, he has provided NO ANSWERS to the pertinent questions, and has instead decided to leave the Assemblies of God people to themselves and their lovely golden calf without coming down off of his "mountain" to give them God's Word on the subject!

God has ALREADY hand-written the answers to the Lakeland question...

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...in stone. And the Assemblies of God is actually carrying it around the desert yet refusing to follow God's Word commanding them to ignore the false prophets. Yet Dr. Wood would prefer to "wait and see" if those who have crafted some glittery strange God and placed it in front of millions of God's people is "not of God"!

Why would he decide not to lead his people? Is he deceived himself? Or is he just "too busy" to concern himself with a worldwide "move of God"?

I guess we can just forget about upper-level concern and guidance in this matter.

I guess we can assume they have just dumped the wisdom and guidance of those godly men and women before them and have decided that the General Council statements of 1949 and 2000 condemning Todd Bentley's doctrines and teachings were worthless.

I guess we can assume that in 8 short years, the organization has degenerated to a "point of no return" to the Official Positions they once held!

The head of the Assemblies of God organization, the head of the Florida District, and the Pastor of the host-church all say "wait and see" without concern regarding the Word of God or the souls involved.

While the local AoG pastors and individual members decide to chase after the false-teaching "spirit of revival" in Lakeland, Florida, I pray that they can find the Scriptures through the sewage piled on top of it.

If no one in the organization will rise up and "judge those inside the church" to be idolotors and swindlers, it will be up to people like us, outside the organization, to continue to forward information about Mr. Bentley to our Assembly of God friends an continue to post the Truth and PRAY that some of the lowly AG church members (who might stand for God's Word) will find it.

So to every Assembly of God pastor, leader, teacher, or member who decides to refuse to bow down and worship the popular calf, PLEASE contact Dr. George Wood and voice your concerns NOW. And for those who would prefer to remain anonymous and yet voice your concerns, e-mail me and I will forward your message anonymously directly to Dr. Wood.

I look forward to your comments.

Dr. Wood's letter follows:


Thank you for your email. I have been in Korea and Portugal the past two weeks – in Korea for the retirement of Dr. Cho and the 50th anniversary of his church; and in Portugal for the World Assemblies of God Congress. I have not been following events in Lakeland.

Historically, the General Council has always been slow to respond to comments about particular revivals or personalities. We tend very much to trust the discernment and maturity of our Assemblies of God people.

There are elements in any revival that invite criticism – certainly the Azusa St. Revival itself was not immune from excesses. However, with the judgment of time, we now see how effective that revival was.

Other revivals turned out only to be so-called revivals – and they left nothing fruitful in their wake.

When and if it seems appropriate for my office to release a statement regarding what is happening in Lakeland, I will do it first through communicating directly with the pastor of the church.

My lack of a statement on this matter at this moment should not be interpreted as a lack of concern; but more of a desire to not make a hasty or premature judgment. We are told in Scripture to test all things and hold fast that which is good, and we will endeavor to do that.

Blessings to you!

George Wood

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Anonymous said...

I thought Dr.Woods response was reasoned and tempered with wisdom. He was also very gracious to someone who, despite his stated intent, seems to present issues harshly and to ask questions in an either/or fashion and demand a limited set of responses when many other options may present themselves. And I would, otherwise, probably agree with your assessment of the Latter Rain teaching and the current 'manifestation' craze. Please be more gentle and try to remember that even people who are deceived doctrinally (to some extent) can still be faithful to the Messiah in what they have been given and may just be waiting for some gentle instruction seasoned with grace.

Caron said...

Please see “A Call for Discernment” by going to http://www.justinpeters.org. Justin is an evangelist and in addition to expository preaching, also holds seminars on the “Word of Faith” movement. He has cerebral palsy and concurs with the apostle Paul, “My grace is sufficient for thee.”

To God be the glory!

Caron Strong
Los Angeles, CA

Eric Smith said...

I think Dr. Woods comment is both spot on and shows a lot of wisdom. Bentley is not an A/G minister nor is this 'Ignite Church' an A/G congregation.

Jon@TheWay said...

Right and Wrong...

RIGHT: Todd Bentley is NOT an A/G minister.

WRONG: Ignited Church IS a recognized A/G church AND Pastor Stephen Strader is a recognized Assemblies of God minister.

Here is the AG church directory listing:


In which statement do you feel Dr. Wood is "spot on?"...

Anonymous said...

What I would like to know is this:
Who made you the Judge of all things?
You seem to want to challenge and judge everyone??
What skeletons are hiding in your closet??
You should spend more time demonstrating the Kingdom and less time offering critical remarks about everything and everyone that you judge.

Jon@TheWay said...

Dear "Anonymous",

To which critical remarks are you referring?

If you mean the places where I judged Mr. Bentley's blasphemies and false teachings etc. as unbiblical, I'm guilty as charged.

But I do not do as you say I do. I do not judge "all things". The only things I am "judging" about Mr. Bentley are the things the Bible tells us to judge.

I have not sought to find "juice" about his personal affairs, tastes, opinions, relationships, etc. and I have NOT ever tried to dig for any "skeletons" he might have in his closet.

I agree with you "anonymous", we all have skeletons from our unconverted days and even things we may not want to be public info now... (Todd and I both!) And, for the Church's sake, I pray that Todd does not fall into something to mess up any moral uprightness he might have in the public eye.

Anonymous... the issues we are publicizing concerning Mr. Bentley are current and a matter of public display, because he has put everything I have discussed on International TV, his worldwide website, and has recorded his own services for public consumption by the "church".

I'm not digging out his skeletons... the "skeletons" I investigate are the ones Todd Bentley is making to tap dance on satellite TV!

Why do you ask me who I am to Judge when the Apostle Paul clearly told me to do it? And where Jesus talks about "not judging" he clearly taught us how to identify a false teacher, and what to do so that we could clearly see the "speck" in our brother's eye to remove it. Why would he give us the tools to judge if He didn't expect us to use them. He EXPECTS us to use His Word to judge ourselves first and then those who stand in the public arena making statements.

And I expect and encourage you to judge my public statements and actions by the same measure. Make sure I speak the Word and am held accountable to it!.... But also make sure Todd does!

The biggest problem is that (judging by his fruit), Mr. Bentley is not a "brother"... He is a wolf... a deceiver... a false teacher,... a swindler.... Yet he has crept into the Church quietly, to divide and deceive. And he is being rather successful.

Paul wrote in I Cor. 5:11-13 "But actually, I wrote to you not to associate with any so-called brother if he is an immoral person, or covetous, or an IDOLATER, or a reviler, or a drunkard, or a SWINDLER--not even to eat with such a one.

For what have I to do with judging outsiders? Do you not judge those who are within the church? But those who are outside, God judges. REMOVE THE WICKED MAN FROM AMONG YOURSELVES.

Todd Bentley followers are deceived because they have been given NOTHING they can claim as biblical fruit of Todd's ministry except for the electric, tingly, "feelings" that they call "the glory" or "manifest presence of God"

Where is the "discernment" that all of Todd's followers claim they have?

Could this even possibly be the true "manifest presence of God"??

What was the Biblical response of any who came into the immediate presence of God? Where is THAT evident power at Lakeland?

I watch every night and have not seen ANY power of God. Where are the "signs and wonders"? Where is this "tangible" stuff they keep talking about? Not gold dust, shiny gem trinkets or oily palms...

Where is the God I know from the Bible? Where is the REAL fire that doesn't consume, or the shiny-glowing faces that cause people to quake in fear! Or the cries of uncleanness and sorrow and repentence that continues and pours out into the streets and alleys and neighborhoods causing thousands to be born again?

Where is the LIFE in this so-called "outpouring"?

I just see a lot of calling fire to the altar, but there is NO FIRE! Maybe God is on vacation. Maybe he's had a hard day and is asleep!

Anonymous, I am here to warn the sheep of deception that leads to death. And you are more concerned that I might cause people to question a possible "true move of God"?

Moses never questioned whether the bush was burning. The Israelites never questioned whether the Egyptians were destroyed. The lepers never questioned whether or not they had received their healing. And Peter never questioned whether the tongues as of fire rested upon him or not.

I will never affect what God truly wants to do. And I assure you that if I attempt to, He will take me out of the way like He did the tower builders of Babel, Pharoah, Ananias & Saphira, etc.

The thing is, that Lakeland is not a move of God... it has no biblical backing AT ALL, and it has failed to produce the fruit of a "true revival" instead producing unbiblical teachings and fruit that confuse.

If you don't like me or my blog site, fine. I still say "God bless you "anonymous", whoever you are."

I will pray that your eyes will be opened to the Truth in equal measure to how much your Bible is opened concerning Todd Bentley.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Wood's response was exactly what someone who hasn't paid the situation or teachings sufficient attention should have responded. Until he studied up on Bentley and his false teachings he had to reserve his judgments. His answer couldn't have been more mature, wise or Biblical.

With that said, he recently contacted Bentley with a letter of rebuke and asked various questions which to my knowledge he has not received a response to yet.

I pray that Dr. Wood comes out and denounces it publicly now that he knows this movement is distracting from the cross and blood of Jesus Christ and leading an undiscerning group further from Christ and closer to hell.