Friday, May 23, 2008

JUST IN: John Kilpatrick's Official Statement about Lakeland

I just received this Official Statement from John Kilpatrick's office.

Congrats Pastor Kilpatrick on being the first to at least say SOMETHING toward more discussion! (Where are you Dr. Wood?...Steve Hill...)

Hello Jon,

Pastor Kilpatrick issued this statement when questioned about the Lakeland Revival:

I, John Kilpatrick, went down to Todd Bentley’s meetings, the Florida Outpouring, and gave my blessing to revival. I made it clear that I didn’t know Todd, his doctrinal belief nor who he is affiliated with, if anyone. To me, doctrine is very important. It always has been and it always will be. It is the infrastructure that a move of God runs on. You can not separate a man from his doctrine.

The purpose of my going to Lakeland was to bless what God was doing. I continue to champion and pray that it stands the test of time.

John A. Kilpatrick

PLEASE GO HERE to read my response to this statement.

UPDATE: I have listed the letters I sent to all recipients in THIS POST

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Hesed said...

I am saddened that John Kilpatrick, who I do believe to be a man of God, was duped into giving his "blessing" to this thing going on in my hometown of Lakeland, FL.

I want to deny, as this release does, that he does support this.

But what more can one say, he did the deed, he blessed "it" and laid hands on Todd Bentley, for all the world to see.

Whether or not John Kilpatrick does endorse what's going on, Todd's New Age and heretical teachings, or some of the people who are asked to speak at the revival, does not matter at this point.

Once he laid hands on this, and Todd, he has lost credibility in my eyes until he repents.

Oh, and that goes for Steve Hill, as well.

And this comes from a Yes, Lord, we will ride with You! person, BTW.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me.

Did he just create logical fallacies there in order to blameshift to God? Wow. What planet do these people come from and are GodTV, YouTube and Google Video really blocked on their computers?

The first half said it all, and the second half was just extra weasel words.

Lets summarize the brazen response: He blessed the assumed healing outpouring because it was of God, even though he knew nothing and doesn't want to know, and even though his job is to know. So now that he's called on his blessing, he uses circular logic and tosses the ball back to God with his best wishes. Your ball for the weekend God!

Yeah, game on brother.

Since it wasn't followed by "I am now seeking God in repentance for this egregious error in judgment" we can assume he's not only grossly negligent, but now blinded to his spiritual error.

That can happen because God is outside of time and can make His next move early before He catches the ball, knowing Mr Kilpatrick would hate correction in any direction, embrace the error and blameshift to God. Let's pray I'm wrong and hope John repents for avoiding responsibility, raising the stakes and compounding the error.

Anonymous said...

How can doctrin be important to a person, who blesses another person and his "revival" - without knowing, what this person's doctrin is???
Deception, nothing as deception. And very sad for a person like John Kilpatrick and the whole AoG.

Anonymous said...

I would assume that Pastor Kilpatrick has only recently discovered that Mr. bent.ey has some major doctrinal errors in his teachings. Prior to that discovery, Pastor Kilpatrick had assumed everything to be ok in Mr. Bentley's ministry (probably from word of mouth of other ministers). I mean, think about it, how many national Christian leaders have extra time on their hands to spend reading other leaders teachings to make sure they are doctrinally correct?

I admire the fact that now that things are being brought to Pastor Kilpatrick's attention, he has quickly made a statement and I expect an additional atetement in the future as he prays and seeks the Lord on what is going on and how he should respond.

These leaders are not omnipotent and anyone can make a mistake...I know that Pastor Kilpatrick is a big enough (or should I say humble enough) man to admit when he has made a mistake. I have seen him admit mistakes in the past and I know that he is a man who loves the Word of God very, very much. His honor and respect of God's Word has always been so touching to see. (Yes, I was a member of his church for 9 years...give him a break, will you?)

TMRFiles said...

"The purpose of my going to Lakeland was to bless what God was doing. I continue to champion and pray that it stands the test of time."
This statement really bothers me.
John Kilpatrick is indeed acknowledging that God is behind this counterfeit "healing" revival
when all the evidence by word and deed reveals it is not the God of the Bible, and he is "using a test of time" to determine truth, which is not the biblical way to test a true prophet.

TMRFiles said...

Hi Jon:

I don't know if you are aware of this, but here are some statements made by John Kilpatrick at the Brownsville "Revival" that Deception In The Church has saved on their site. Toni

"My God, church, get in! This is it! Revival's come! This is what we've been praying for! Get in!" This is a revealing statement made by John Kilpatrck on the first day of the Pensacola "Outpouring". This brings up many questions that every Christian should ask themselves about this movement. Questions such as: Do we take men's words over God's Word as an indicator of "revival"? Is there any Biblical precedant for a man to state categorically that "revival has come"? Is there any Biblical evidence of men "putting things in God's ears" such as ordering God to bring or continue revival? How can one "get in" a revival when revival is something that happens primarily on the inside of a person that results in inward and outward renewal? Is "revival" a tangible force? Is it a substance that can be transfered? Can you "get in" to it like you would jump in a river? Is it something to wallow in, rolling on the floor and oinking like pigs? Or is the only way you can be revived to have repentance in your heart and obey God's will for your life? (John Kilpatrick, Counterfeit Revival, Hank Hanegraaff, audiotape version, 1997; with comment by Deception In The Church, 1997)

John Kilpatrick said "Let (yourselves) go" ... "do not think about what you are doing" ... "just give yourselves completely to the `spirit'". (Revival ... or Satanic Counterfeit?, Jimmy Robbins, 1996)

Kilpatrick stood on the platform praying with Hill and another man when he suddenly heard a sound like a "rushing mighty wind" sweep over his right shoulder. As Kilpatrick looked over his shoulder, he said his ankles slipped, his knees bowed out, and a sudden "river of the glory of God" moved between his legs. "It felt like a telephone pole," he said. "An endless telephone pole was coming through my legs and it was coming in the church." With some help from another man on the platform, Kilpatrick stepped back and listened to the sound of the "rushing mighty wind" and what he described as the "river of the glory of God" as it swept into the church. He suddenly jumped to the pulpit and screamed, "My God, church, get in! This is it! This is what we've been praying for! Get in!" (The Brownsville/Pensacola Outpouring. Revival or Pandemonium?, Matt Costella, Staff Writer ©FOUNDATION Magazine, March-April 1997) - Note: I saw the video tape of this very night and there was no sound of a rushing wind, no 1000 people at the altar. There were only a couple hundred or so people who slowly came forward who had been coerced to come and receive the "anointing" Steve Hill had received from Sandy Millar at the Holy Trinity Brompton, England.

"God sent pandemonium in the church," he said. "I think it's time that we have grand pandemonium in the Baptists, in the Lutheran, the Episcopal, the Assembly of God [churches]. God send pandemonium!" Kilpatrick exclaimed. (The Brownsville/Pensacola Outpouring. Revival or Pandemonium?, Matt Costella, Staff Writer ©FOUNDATION Magazine, March-April 1997)

"Let me tell you something else about this revival," Kilpatrick said. "This move of God is not about preaching." He said that while he and evangelist Steve Hill do preach sermons that are simple and easy to understand, the signs and miracles are what actually turn people to Christ, not the Word of God. "We've heard so many sermons and so much of the Word of God that we've grown fat," he said, "but there's been no power and no anointing and no miracles. So, I just want to tell you, that's why tonight I don't feel bad about not coming up here and preaching a great sermon." (The Brownsville/Pensacola Outpouring. Revival or Pandemonium?, Matt Costella, Staff Writer ©FOUNDATION Magazine, March-April 1997)

Kilpatrick said that those who question this outpouring of the spirit are just accustomed to the status quo and are afraid of anything "new" that comes along. He explains: "See, we've become so used to the abnormal that now that the normal has come it seems abnormal." These strange signs, wonders and manifestations are the norm, according to Kilpatrick. (The Brownsville/Pensacola Outpouring. Revival or Pandemonium?, Matt Costella, Staff Writer ©FOUNDATION Magazine, March-April 1997)

Kilpatrick himself seems unsure at times what these supernatural powers are, but he concludes that they must be the "glory of the Lord." He oftentimes describes a phenomenon that occurred either to him personally or to the entire congregation and prefaces it by saying, "I don't know what it was." He then continues by either saying, "I believe it was God," or "I think it was the glory of God." He has no basis for this assumption, but, for some reason, he concludes that these manifestations and feelings are of God even though they can be found nowhere in God's written Word. (The Brownsville/Pensacola Outpouring. Revival or Pandemonium?, Matt Costella, Staff Writer ©FOUNDATION Magazine, March-April 1997)

More at above link

nylorac153 said...

Um. I used to be Pentecostal...born and raised.

When confronting a false prophet with the Word of God to the "officials' of the church i was attending, I was ostracized and demoralized. They simply did not know the Word of God because this "prophet" was blasphemous! Everything that came out of his mouth was ridiculous.

Their main argument in favour of the false prophet? "He told me something that no one else knew...not even my wife...and only God can know your thoughts."

I became a ship tossing on the waves and left that movement never to return.

The only thing that was left me for an anchor, was the Word of God, which I have followed quietly and confidently ever since, with the help of many good biblically sound teachers on the internet.

Now that I have 10 years between me and the Pentecostal movement, I realize that had I not grounded myself in the Word, I would still be flowing along in the current of mystical, experiential, deceptive fluff that continues to humiliate and make a fool of those that follow it.

If I err, I prefer to err on the side of truth. No more tongues speaking, prophesying, hearing from God through dreams and visions and name it and claim it nonsense.

I now have a more sure Word of Prophecy that is found in the Son...and my nearly capsized boat has stabilized and found direction.

As for John Kilpatrick...I say this with some amount of compassion, I once walked in his shoes, and one mystical experience is the same as any other in my books. He is just being true to his roots.

Once you make up your mind it is the truth you is immediate... The Truth...who is Christ begins to lead you into all truth through his Word.