Friday, May 30, 2008

LAKELAND HEALINGS: Are they real? ...does it matter?

We have been seeing a few other blogs receive comments that say (in effect) "You shouldn't/can't say this is not a move of God! Look at all the people who are being healed and saved!"

I will go ahead and deal with the salvation aspect now. I say "How can we KNOW if people are being saved or not? We can't know at this early stage because there has been no time to witness ongoing fruit from the "savees". So salvation is a non-issue in the argument of whether or not the Florida Outpouring" is a "move of God".

Concerning ALL of the healings (real, imagined and false), I thought I should post my response as an article. What I wrote contains what I feel about the miraculous healings at Lakeland and I have edited the content slightly.

Please read on.

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Firstly, this blog has not once said that the Lakeland healings are false, or that there have been no healings at Lakeland, and we are not concerned with disproving healings.

I'm quite sure there have been people healed at Lakeland, and I'm even more sure more people will come around saying they have been healed at Lakeland. So, Ok... I'm glad that this particular pastor was healed and I sincerely wish him the best.

Now that that's out of the way, I must say that nothing that the commenter said and nothing miraculous that's happened at Lakeland,
(including his pastor's healing), changes anything on this blog.

• Todd Bentley STILL teaches, believes in, and promotes unscriptural teachings.

• He still has heretical articles and videos available from his website.

• He still fails to preach a clear message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the bible commands.

• Depending on when you tune in, there is little to no sin, repentance and faith preached to bring people to a true conversion and new birth.

• He is still in fellowship with heretics, sexual deviants, false prophets, and false teachers

• He still refers to the same heretics, drunks, false prophets and false teachers as his spiritual heros.

• He still regularly twists scripture all over the place causing it to bend to the point he wants to make.

• And he himself is still a false prophet, a heretic and a blasphemer.

And on, and on....

Until the day that Todd Bentley himself stands in front of his camera and publicly repents from his previous errors and heresies and tells the world that he was wrong... AND until the day AFTER THAT when he preaches a clear consistent gospel message, leading people to Christ rather than to healing, I will continue to warn people about him and encourage them to stay AWAY from him and his revival.

Psychics all over the world can tell you "secret" things about yourself or others.

And shamans, witches, voodoo workers, pagans, wiccans, etc. have all had verified healings.

So how can we tell that the Florida Outpouring should be avoided? By the Word of God,... and it says to avoid false teachers! (Just do a little googling and looking around on Todd Bentley's site.)

Don't be deceived. Do you really think that a pastor's healing, people getting up out of wheelchairs, or even 16, 20, or 100 resurrections makes the Florida Revival a true move of God?

God is consistent. When the people respond to His Word bringing Him a sacrifice of humility, godly sorrow for sin, repentance of the heart, and a cry for mercy and forgiveness, God is moved and offers them life freely based of the death and resurrection of his Son, Jesus.

THAT is true revival. Just ask Jonathan Edwards, George Whitfield, the Wesleys, Spurgeon, etc. Miracles have been known to occur when people repent... but God doesn't want a healing revival! He wants a salvation revival!

A church service SHOULD BE ALL about Jesus...

A sermon SHOULD BE ALL about Jesus...

A "revival" especially SHOULD BE ALL about Jesus...

...NOT "a little" talk about Jesus to make a point or to give an air of authority to the speaker, and then "much more" talk about the healings going on. Every night at the Lakeland "Florida Outpouring" there is LITTLE about Jesus and a LOT about glory clouds, angels, healings, miracles, impartations, etc.

Saying "in the name of Jesus" and We love you Jesus" is NOT a gospel message. Jesus is NOT being preached at the Florida Outpouring... He is being "name-dropped".

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pjmiller said...

Thank you...i really mean that.

I am so weary of attempting to tell people on my blog that it is Bentley's teachings and doctrine which we have to seriously hold up to the word of God.

For whatever reason, they just don't get it!

I'm going to send them your way to read this...

Hesed said...

If you think they don't get it when they happen upon your blog, why not try dropping in the chatroom via or and speaking the truth, or even be a little vague about it.

I have been treated worse on their chatroom by so called "Christians," being cussed at, called the antichrist, etc, more than I've ever been on even gay forums, where the posts are anonymous.

Thanks for the article.

Anonymous said...

please verify what is not scriptural instead of simply saying it is not scriptural...thank you

Jon@TheWay said...

Dear "Anonymous"...

We ARE verifying what is unscriptural.

It is unscriptural to be a false prophet. Todd Bentley is a false prophet many times over.

It is unscriptural to be a heretic. Todd said God told him to put teaching Jesus on the back burner during this revival to teach about "the supernatural" and "the angel" (Winds of Change) that visited Todd.

It is unscriptural to be a blasphemer. Todd uses the Lord's name in vain every service.

It is unscriptural to be a false teacher, Todd Bentley easily falls into that category, too (see his website teachings at

It is unscriptural to be a swindler, and Todd Bentley is a swindler by definition because he is "one who makes a practice of defrauding others by imposition or deliberate artifice" in removing (hiding/covering up) articles on his website, in covering up the fact that he maintains relationships with well-known false prophets and heretics.

I hope this helps. Now go hold Mr. Bentley responsible for some of the garbage I've listed above.