Thursday, May 22, 2008

AUDIO: Todd Bentley and the stinky "spirit of infirmity"

At the great "outpouring" down in Lakeland, Florida, Todd Bentley tells a story where he says he cast out a demon "spirit of infirmity" that caused a woman gastric trouble for years... and take a guess how this spirit decided to exit... yep...... she "released" it!

...and I'm very sure a spirit of relief came upon her.

Also, for an extra way to sicken you, try to count how many times Todd blasphemes the Holy name of God.

Why does this "work of God" remind me of a bad Jerry Clower story?? And why do the people actually applaud the story at the end??

Be praying for those being deceived by this malarkey down in Florida.

(Don't get mad at me... I didn't MAKE you click that play button!)

(Runs 1:38 - from the Lakeland Florida Outpouring-5-21-08)

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P.I. Mom said...


That sounded like a clip from the Tonight Show - NOT a sermon!

Stephen said...

Talk about blasphemy!
If he is a real prophet, I am not saying he is at all, and if he is saved at all, howcome he is taking God's name in vain???
Beggars belief, well, maybe not in this case.
I think Todd Bentley has got a lot of underlying problems himself, nevermind trying to make-believe that he is casting out demons and showering anointing to his fan base!
I am taking this guy very personally and am disgusted at this because he is deceiving a member of my family, who has got alot of problems with depression and Todd Bentley's Tattoos do not help either, in fact, it is making it worse. What sort of testimony is that? What sort of 'shepherd' is he, I think I can almost see the black coat of a wolf underneath the sheep's clothing!

Geri Hatfield said...

I have listened to this clip twice...just to make sure I actually "heard" what I "heard." His insensitivity to the woman who "got healed" is deplorable. Whoever she is, God knows the beginning to the end...and He is El Roi...the God who sees.

He who has ears let him hear --
Repent. Preservation of integrity though intimacy in prayer. Today is the day of salvation. Watch and pray for the remnant that remains ... Isaiah 37:1-4)