Monday, May 5, 2008

To be is to do... do-be-do-be-do.

"Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try..." These are the words of Yoda, the muppet Jedi Master, from the movie "The Empire Strikes Back". Though I have often quoted these words while doing a petty fantastic Yoda impersonation, I've always thought of the words as pseudo-wisdom because of the source. I will usually shy away from using a secular movie to make a biblical point, but in my growing frustration with the idea of people "trying to live a Christian life"...
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I have recently come to see that these words make a biblical point. The true problem with our faith in Christ is that we often "try" to "keep the faith".

We "try" to be good Christians. We "try" to flee from Satan or temptation. We "try" to be loving and forgiving. We "try" to be good little Christians, by "trying" to be faithful to pray, and "trying" to read our Bibles, and "trying" to make it to church. We "try" not to get discouraged. We "try" to keep our eyes on Jesus. We "try" to be strong. We "try" to be a good witness. And we "try" to put on the Armor of God and "try" to bear the Fruit of the Spirit.

The problem is that Jesus never said "Try to love your neighbor..." or "Try to forgive your enemies..." "Try to come unto me..." or "Try to preach the Gospel and make disciples..."!

Jesus never, ever told anyone to "try" to do anything. He always simply commanded with authority or simply stated that in a relationship with Him that we "would" do this or that.

I propose that this is the problem for many who think they are "Christians", yet they "DO" nothing! They just keep trying! I say if you are "trying" you are doomed (eternally) to a false Christianity! There truly is NO "TRY" in Christ Jesus!

I'm sick of all the "trying". Where is the "fruit"? Where is the "DOING",... where is the "BEING"?! When will we finally come to a place of action? We don't "try" to enter into the true Sabbath rest. We just ENTER IT when we are truly in Christ. It is the Supernatural Fruit of the New Nature we have received. In Christ we KNOW that we are in Christ, we KNOW that we are under God's wings, we KNOW that the Spirit dwells in us, sealing us as heirs. We KNOW that to live is Christ and to die is gain, we KNOW whom we have believed, and we KNOW that he is able, and that he will, and that in Him it is Yes, and Amen!

It doesn't take a wrinkled, green muppet to reveal this Truth to a True Convert! If the Holy Spirit dwells within, we just DO the things that he leads us to do and we bear the Fruit of His presence in our life! How is it that we can say that we are "led by the Spirit" and yet we also say "I'm TRYING to believe.", "I'm TRYING to have faith.", or "I'm TRYING to repent from that sin."?

Can we call Luke Skywalker a true "Jedi" if he only "tries" to be a Jedi? No! He just IS a Jedi! He will DO IT! He will PROVE IT! He will BE a Jedi, and his life will bear witness, proving his "Jedi-anity" by his doing the "works" of a Jedi, and bearing the "Fruit" of "the Force". Until that point he is nothing but a nerf herder.

What about you, so-called "Christian"? Are you bearing any Fruit? Are you BEING who and what Jesus said you would be? Are you DOING & LIVING what Jesus and the writers of the New Testament said you would do if you were truly in Christ? If you are just "trying" and not "doing", then the Biblical truth shows that you are most likely not truly "in Christ"!

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