Sunday, June 15, 2008

Church’s Extreme “Room” Makeover transforms lives! (Oh,..Jesus is ok, too.)

I guess we can completely dump the biblical Gospel. Some Assembly of God churches have a different way to "make Christians". If we would only do more $25,000 home renovations for the needy then people would SURELY be loved into salvation! Praise the Lord!... and pass the nail gun.

(For those who disagree with me- I know we MUST be charitable. And there is nothing wrong with fixing up someone's house. But THE POINT of this article is that people were supposedly saved... yet there is NO MENTION of Jesus or the Gospel... only an "altar call". ----And it is NOT the "makeover" that "transforms lives! ALL glory to Jesus Christ ALONE!

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ebenezerstone said...

What has made you so bitter that you could not understand that a church doing something charitable may lead people to the Christ that inspires and leads them to do good things? Do you really think that the people responded to an altar call and no presentation of Jesus? Are you just on a tear against AG churches because of the errors of a few? I have been amazed by some of things I have seen AG churches doing to both meet community needs and present the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus fed the five thousand even though we know that many of them did not continue to follow him. Was he in error when he met a need of those around him?

R. Duane Gryder
AG US Missions Chaplain and former pastor of Jon.

Jon@TheWay said...


Thanks for commenting and for your concern enough about me to write and comment.

I sincerely appreciate it. That being said, I am concerned that you don't see what I am seeing! And I guess you can't see my heart of sadness and concern since you call it "bitterness".

I am NOT bitter. And I definitely am not "on a tear against AG churches" or individual members. There are many of my loved-ones and friends (including you) who are in AG churches.

I don't know what your definition of a "tear" is, but I guess I am on "a tear" against the few listed on my website. (Those few who are leading untold numbers into error by their participation in the "Florida Outpouring". Dr. George Wood, Steve Hill, John Kilpatrick, and Stephen Strader)

I guess I AM on a tear against the denomination (from the top - not from the bottom) which is failing to shepherd its flock and give some CLEAR guidance away from false prophets, false teachers, and heretics.

I AM against the steps the AG (as a denomination - not the individual churches) are taking (or are NOT taking?) which are leading their congregations into error.

I AM against a statement like "room makeover transforms lives" giving glory to the contributing church, the charitable people, the local businesses, and the $25,000 - and gives Jesus NONE of the glory for "transforming" whatever lives might have been "changed". All I can go by is what the article says, not what it doesn't say!

They wrote about what they thought was important enough to give glory to!

Duane,... Where in scripture do we learn that "doing something charitable may lead people to the Christ that inspires and leads them to do good things"?

If "kindness" had ANYTHING to do with someone coming to Christ it is ONLY God's kindness in not smashing them for their sin and repentance before they bowed their knee!

Romans 2:4 Or do you think lightly of the riches of His kindness and tolerance and patience, not knowing that the kindness of God leads you to repentance?

In this "feel-good" article, posted as a national AG front-page story, the writer takes almost ALL of the Glory due Jesus for any transformed life -and places it on the kindness of men!

John 6:44 "No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him;...

It does NOT say "No one can come to Me unless the loving deeds of men draws him;...

Even if God wants to draw men THROUGH loving deeds it is still GOD- and not the "Home Makeover" who should get ALL the Glory.

YES! We are to be loving and charitable and kind and compassionate and giving... but NOT BEFORE we slap the lost into sobriety with the "offensive gospel" - that they are "storing up for themselves wrath and that a just God is going to pour it back out upon them!

Should we REALLY go blow $25,000 of church funds to fix a house in hopes that the kindness shown will somehow cause the homeowners to FALL ON THEIR KNEES IN REPENTANCE before it is too late??

If our kindness brings people to repentance, you personally missed MANY opportunuites in McCamey, Texas (because of the limits the Ministerial Alliance set) to pay an electic bill and save a soul!

It is NOT our kindness or charity that "transforms lives"!

It is Jesus Christ alone... and pouring $25,000 into one person's house, (while nice and kind), is a TERRIBLE WASTE of funds that should have been used to further the Gospel.

As it stands what do we have... HOPEFULLY three people heard the Gospel... and a nice story got written about a nice remodel job.

What would YOU have done with that money... and Who would YOU have given the glory to?

Jesus fed the 5000 in compassion, but more specifically to show those hungry people that HE WAS JEHOVAH JIREH, EMMANUEL!

If the people in the "makeover" story were truly born again, TO GOD BE THE GLORY. Now let's quit messing around and preach the offensive Gospel. Millions are waiting... and we can't remodel everyone's house.

Regardless of what you feel about my post, this was a worthless story and misguides the Body of Christ!

Retta Sharp said...


I must say that I was surprised and disappointed when I read your response to Jon. I really thought you knew more about preaching the Gospel. I had always been under the impression that you thought souls were the most important part of your preaching and I didn’t think that you thought that they were won through social work. I know you brought up the feeding of the five thousand but have you read the context of that feeding? Jesus didn’t go around the different villages looking for people who were hungry or who had houses that needed a roof or even the homeless. In fact,
He didn’t even go to the sick, they were brought to Him, or He happened upon them as
He was walking down the street. He went out teaching and preaching.

I am exceedingly proud of what my son is doing to “Preach the Word” as in II Timothy 4: 2. He has always been taught and I also tried very hard to teach it to all of my other children both biologically and the ones who I claimed in the Lord, (two of which were yours), to “rightly divide the word of truth” according to II Timothy 2: 15. I can only pray that the others have done as well as Jon has done to do so. He is a far better teacher than I and I am honored to call him my pastor.

Retta Sharp

ebenezerstone said...

Rhetta, First let me say that I am not attacking Jon. I still consider him family. I do however not like the attack he has made against some he has attacked who are not associated with the revival in Florida. I do not endorse it either.

To what you have labeled as social gospel. I have always met people where they are at and have always made a point to try to meet the need of others as part of sharing the gospel. I am not one to just say "be warmed and filled" without doing something about it. Has it worked? I have led several hundred to a committed relationship with Christ in the last few years. Does the social work get the glory? No. The Lord Jesus does because it is done in His name. But then again, what do I know about preaching the Gospel.

I will avoid future comments. I am not interested in a fight. Too much work to do.