Monday, June 2, 2008

EVANGELISM: What do you do to share your faith? (Free Download)

I recently found this picture at an antique shop and it got me to thinking about how much more I should be actively, purposefully, verbally preaching the Gospel to all creatures. These people evidently lived in their "Gospel Truck" traveling around, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. (By the looks on their faces, these were evidently the days before the "God has a wonderful plan for your life" wishy-washiness!)

So, I thought I'd ask YOU... What is your favorite, creative way to get in a quick "one-two Gospel punch" to the faces of the people you meet each day?

For instance, for random "seed-chucking" (as opposed to one-on-one witnessing) I have been folding Ray Comfort's Million Dollar Bills in half...

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...and inserting them into the credit card or receipt slots of every gas pump I stop at. I just leave it hanging out a little bit. The gas pump then appears to be spitting money out! People can't miss it.

How about using "Toilet Humor" to preach Jesus? Sounds impossible but I found a tract HERE that I heavily modified to make it a little more engaging... Take a look. You can DOWNLOAD THIS... and THIS, and print them on LEGAL sized paper on BOTH SIDES. Then simply fold it and leave it in public restrooms everytime you go... (which is EVERYTIME I go into a Hastings Bookstore... Why is that??)

Anyway, What are some of the things YOU are doing to obey the commands of the Great Commission? Please comment and give me some fresh ideas in three areas:

1. Random Tract Drops
2: One-on-One conversations
3: Open Air/Audience Preaching

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Stephen said...

Hello there!
I thought this post was brilliant!
My work entails security, and work in a busy Government building in the UK. I have various shifts to do, both the day time and then night time. I spend the shift with another colleague of mine and have many an opportunity to present him with the message of the gospel. This is done when discussion arrises on any topic that we find ourselves in. We might discuss what the news is presenting us with, or even what a newspaper might say about something that happened.
There are many people in the group of buildings that I work in and no doubt there are many other christians there. I noticed, when I first started work there, that someone had left tracts in the Gents Toilet. At first, they were hand-crafted tracts that presented the gospel with the sort of drawings you would see in a Chick Track. Then, I noticed that it had progressed to a questionaire (A4 sized) and bullet points with Scripture verses left in each cubicle. I did this once, and also left a CD DVD about "Hollywood and God" downloadable from "Way Of The Master Radio". The next day it was gone.
I also find that I must be a "tract" in my actions, my feelings, my words, my facial expressions, my behaviour, the way I present myself toward others (not necessarily physically but inwardly) - maybe I am not expressing myself too well here... The way to be that "tract" is to cling close to God's Word and renew my mind and giving my body a living sacrifice so that God can use me to His good pleasure! In effect, we must not be a 'false witness' or take His Name in vain in doing so. Taking God's Name in vain is nor merely swearing my His Name and not meaning it (IT IS DOING THIS & MORE is what I mean to say)
We are the salt of the earth.
Your brother in Christ
Stephen Archer

~R said...

Hey great idea with leaving the million dollar tract at the pumps. lol I've been wanting to get some of those for a while.

Melanie said...

at least you and Todd Bentley agree on something! His evangelism outreach (which by the way is going out throughout the entire world) is NOT God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life. Instead it is showing the sinner his need for a cure to the disease called sin and asking them to turn from their sin and follow whole heartedly Jesus! Also, he's not into numbers or coercing people into a prayer. Check out the training M-Sa at 1:30 on the web at Oh yeah, and people are getting genuinely healed on the streets too. We are following up with them. God bless you brother.