Thursday, June 5, 2008

GOOD NEWS: Abortion Docs Fail... Baby Finley is fine!

Pray for these folks and for all who read their story. It is a confusing news story of lacking morals and reasoning to kill...

Ms. Jodie Percival has a son (Lewis) who was born with severe kidney problems and she had previously lost a son (Thane) to similar kidney problems just twenty-minutes after his birth. Jodie, who now has a copy of tragic baby Thane's footprint tattooed on her wrist, went on the Pill to keep this tragedy from occuring again.

But just three months later she missed a period and took a pregnancy test. When she found she was pregnant again, she reasoned that the tragedy of what happened to Thane might happen again, so she decided to abort instead of going through the "heartbreak" of another child's death.

She explains that when she went for the abortion...

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..."I couldn't talk, all kinds of things were running through my head. I felt guilt, I didn't want to do this but I knew I had to. I don't believe in abortion unless it's on medical grounds and I felt terrible.

"Although the procedure itself didn't hurt the whole experience was horrific. I was sobbing, looking at all the pipes and equipment and thinking, ‘Oh my ---, that's where my baby is going.'" Afterwards the doctor fitted the contraceptive coil, which is often enough in itself to abort an unborn child.

Jodie recalled: "I was in the room for about 20 minutes then they told me I could go. I felt horrible and full of regret straight away. I remember going to the waiting room to see Billy. He couldn't believe how quickly I'd got through it. It was like being on a conveyor belt.

"I kept trying to say to myself that I'd done the right thing for the baby. I felt evil for what I had done. It was the most horrific experience of my life. But I thought it was all over and I told myself I just had to get on with it. Nobody gave me any indication that there was anything wrong."

She and Billy, say they felt guilty and regretted their decision but after reasoning that killing their child was the way to go they are now "thankful" and feel "blessed" that their child survived their best efforts to kill it!

God often blesses against all odds and He surely has blessed a beautiful miracle child with the gift of life despite his parent's attempts to kill him via abortion (for "health reasons").

Jodie says of her premature delivery: "I'd lost Thane at about the same age. But this baby had survived an abortion and (a contraceptive) coil being fitted — I realised it was a fighter."

Finley was born three weeks premature at 6lb 3ozs with few of the health problems his parents were going to kill him for. Jodie said: "I remember feeling guilt again when I held him and looked at him, guilt about what I'd tried to do and I got upset. I knew if that operation hadn't failed he wouldn't have been there.

"It was all mixed-up emotions. I felt such a surge of love and bonding for him. I knew he was a miracle. I just couldn't believe that this child, who'd had a death sentence on his head, had got through it all and looked so perfect."

Now Jodie and Billy are taking no more risks. She has had a contraceptive injection and he is having a vasectomy. And on Valentine's Day their happiness was made complete when they set a date to wed in August.

Jodie said: "That'll make our family complete. We're very, very blessed."

As I said, pray for these people. I pray that the Holy Spirit will lead them toward repentance through the guilt they feel as they raise this "miracle" baby.


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terriergal said...

wow. Definitely in my prayers. She is going to suffer guilt for a LONG time. Let's also pray it doesn't interfere with parenting the right way.