Thursday, June 19, 2008

THE GOSPEL TRUTH QUIZ: How much do you know?

One of my favorite ministers, my pal Miles McKee, of the "Gospel Truth" radio broadcast, has "THE GOSPEL TRUTH QUIZ" on his website to test how much you know about the Gospel.

He says "The questions are simple and could have been answered easily by Bible Believing Sunday School classes of 100 years ago. However, many believers today can not answer these questions correctly! Some men who travel to other countries to preach the Gospel have even failed this test in a most miserable manner.

So what about you? Do you know the Gospel? Wisdom would dictate that as a believer you ought to know the basis on which you are saved. Wisdom would also dictate that if you are involved in any form of ministry you ought to diligently avoid being the dispenser of error."

Go HERE to take the test and see how well you really understand the Biblical Gospel of Jesus Christ... then read the rest of Brother McKee's site and then write him a note asking him to ADD YOU to his "Wednesday Word" weekly teaching mailing list. It's meaty teaching so you'll be glad you subscribed!

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