Friday, June 6, 2008

My Interview on Crosstalk America...

I have never done a radio interview so when Ingrid Schlueter called me today to ask if I would mind joining the show on the topic of Todd Bentley, I was pretty nervous. As it worked out I was only on for the first 30 minutes... which was a good thing because of the short notice AND because her other guest Pastor Ken Silva of is a much better radio personality and had plenty of great things to say.

I'll tell ya, I've been on stage in front of pretty huge crowds but a radio interview was a completely different experience. Sorry for all the "umm"'s!

Give it a listen at CROSSTALKAMERICA.COM

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Stephen said...

I listened to the show online!
I was glad to hear both from you and Pastor Ken Silva on this issue, and you did fine. I am sure no one knew that you were feeling nervous, and did not notice anything. There were a lot of good things said on the show! Thank you!

Stephen Archer

Ken Silva said...

Hello John,

I was glad to meet you through the Crosstalk Program yesterday. By the way, I had a couple of advantages.

1) In my secular days prior to coming to Christ my field was as a morning drive radio personality/programmer, and 2) Ingrid is a friend who actually opened the door for the Internet part of my labors in Christ.

That said, and sincerely, you did a good job. Your voice is good for radio and you came across fine. I've simply been at this longer is all.

May the Lord continue to bless your work for Him. And please know that if I can ever be of further service you know where to find me my brother.

Anonymous said...

Me talk pretty one day? I also listened to the show online and you did well. Thanks for standing up and on the Truth.