Saturday, June 14, 2008

PATRICIA KING: Helping me feel ok about my sexual sin!

Patricia King (heretic pal of Todd Bentley) has posted an article on her website (HERE) by Richard Cohen, M.A, Director of the "International Healing Foundation" which causes me to assume that she agrees with its content.

In it, Mr. Cohen encourages all religions to offer "sincere words of apology (to those who experience SSA, or Same Sex Attraction). The time is now, the time has come for all men and women, of every faith, to apologize, listen, and embrace all men and women who experience SSA, whether they choose to change or not."

So, it looks like Mr. Cohen says we should encourage gays and lesbians and offer them a feeling of comfort in our churches while they continue to rebel against our God and Savior, by going ahead and living a lifestyle that He condemns, while trying desperately not to have any feelings of guilt or conviction get in their way!

After all, they should not have to...

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...sit in our Bible-believing church and hear "messages of hell, fire and damnation, how they were going to burn and die because of feelings they experienced" when obviously the sinful, lustful, sexually immoral feelings they have are "through no fault of their own"!

Yeah... and while we're on the subject, I should not have to hear the preacher gripe about my extra-marital affairs because I am a victim of OSL... Opposite Sex Lust. It's NOT MY FAULT!

I have always had a problem with lust and adultery, but I blame my father because he cheated on my mom... Therefore it MUST BE GENETIC! Again it's NOT MY FAULT!

Whew... everyone kept telling me I had sinned against a Holy God and needed a Savior! I'm so glad I now have loving, caring compassionate friends who stay out of my personal business and don't shove their "righteous judge" and "forgiveness in Jesus" garbage down my throat!

According to Patricia King's website, there are THREE STEPS to "winning the hearts" of these "precious souls"... and it is TOTALLY JESUS-FREE!

Step One: Apologize in a manner that is appropriate to your personal faith tradition.
Step Two: Listen to the song in their hearts.
Step Three: Embrace these precious souls.


"Speaking about the need for “change,” or what the Bible says about SSA, will only separate you from this sensitive soul"!

Thanks, Patricia King, for helping us help those bound in sin to finally be totally comfortable there!

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Eve said...

aren't we supposed to snatch them from the fire?
but others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire, hating even the garment defiled by the flesh.
Jude 1:23 (NKJV)