Tuesday, June 17, 2008

PAUL WASHER: I am not ashamed of the scandal.

A Powerful sermon by Paul Washer of HeartCry Missionary Society.
It's 53 minutes long... time well spent!

Here's a little portion:

"We've skipped over the only thing that matters! We have turned the Gospel of Jesus Christ into nothing more than fodder - a little baby-step someone takes and then they jump over and get to the mature stuff. There is no greater thing than the Gospel!... How can you know you're saved? It's not because one time in your life you prayed a prayer and asked Jesus to come into your heart. It's not because with some "evangelist" you wrote your name in the back of your bible and put a date there. You know you're saved because the Spirit bears witness that you're born again. Because your life has changed and is changing and continues in a process of change. And when it stalls in that process of change that merciful, loving God comes and disciplines you. That's the difference. You see why there's no power in thing they call "the Gospel"? Because it's NOT the Gospel that they're preaching. It's not!"

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