Wednesday, June 25, 2008

POLL: 83% of Christians claim Jesus "Not the Only Way"

A recent Pew Research Poll of 35,000 Americans shows a startling lack of faith in the Evangelical category!

The poll found that:

Only 36% of Evangelicals and only 12% of "Mainline Church" Christians polled said "My religion is the one, true faith leading to eternal life."

On the negative side, 57% of Evangelicals and 83% of "Mainline Church" Christians polled said - "Many religions can lead to eternal life." (6-8% - said "neither/both equally" or they didn't know or refused to answer.)

So nearly 60% to 85% of Christians believe that "Many religions can lead to eternal life!... Those people obviously have a fundamental misunderstanding of the claims of Jesus Christ of being "The Way" through Which all (every person) must come to the Father as He Himself claimed in John 14:6.

Can a person be a "true convert" if they have a fundamental misunderstanding of the doctrine of "Sola Christus"?

Note that these numbers are not coming from Eastern religions but more and more from those with a "Christian" background...

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...we can partially thank Oprah Winfrey for continuing to convert more and more people into universalism.

In the same poll, more than half of the 35,000 Americans said religion is very important in their lives, and that they attend religious services regularly and pray daily... which is down from the nearly 80% shown in polls not too many years ago. This was a large poll and should give a fairly accurate representation of actual numbers so I think we can safely say that America is quickly moving toward a minority of Christians who will claim that Jesus Christ is The ONLY Way to eternal Life!

The Pew Research poll continued to show that "significant minorities across nearly all religious traditions see a conflict between being a devout person and living in a modern society" and  that "Most Americans also have a non-dogmatic approach when it comes to interpreting the tenets of their own religion". The poll also states that one-in-four Americans - including about half of Jews and Hindus - see God as an impersonal force.

I would submit that so few people "see any conflict between being devout and living in the modern society" because it is impossible to be "devoted" to an unjust god who just "winks at sin" or who is simply an "impersonal force". If there is no wrathful, just, personal God then there is no big problem with personal sin... so why be dogmatic? 

Those who question the exclusive "only Way to Heaven" claims of Jesus Christ maintain a completely unbiblical view of salvation and of Jesus Himself, and we can therefore question whether they are even saved at all!

This poll shows that "Most Americans" do NOT believe the Bible to be the inerrant authoritative Word of God! They evidently believe that the Bible is only God's Word if one happens to believe it is! But that view necessarily implies that they believe that the Koran, etc. could be just as "true" as the Bible, so where must one go for salvation?... or does it even matter?

For those who are not SURE in your faith, let me give you some reassurance on some certain points...

You ARE SURELY a sinner...

You ARE SURELY guilty of a crime punishable by eternity in Hell! Even if you just told one lie, you broke the law of a perfect, righteous judge!

You ARE SURELY going to die.

You ARE SURELY going to stand before Jesus Christ to see if He ever "knew" you...

You ARE SURELY going to "bear fruit" if you are in Christ... and that "fruit" will be souls. The fruit of the Spirit is NOT the fruit of a Christian... God didn't save you and command you to "peacefully love the world in goodness, kindness, patience, self control and joy"...

God saved you and Jesus commanded you to go around preaching the Gospel, "seeking and saving" those who are lost, and then teaching them to be disciples.

Believe me... true converts will bear the "fruit of the Spirit", but   the fruit of the Spirit is WORTHLESS if it is not being used to reach the lost!

So I just want to ask you... Are you "in Christ"?

Have you been "born again"?

Are you SURE?...


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