Friday, June 13, 2008

A PROPHETIC WORD: Send money to us or face God's wrath!

In this video, another false teacher named Duane Broom feels he must defend Todd Bentley's garbage "revival" as a true move of God. It the video clip, he says that "sometimes we need a word from God that we didn't get in scripture"...

This guy is seriously telling us that we need God to speak to us with some new "prophetic utterance" so that we will have a "sword to hold on to"!!???

(Just listen from 1:15 - 1:50 to get the point of this post)

(Heretical Extra?: Note the very end where he seems to degrade/demote Jesus Christ (Fully Man - Fully God) to simply "the Man of God")

Wow... I really believed that the Scriptures were all that I need to be "COMPLETE" and "thoroughly equipped"!
Let's do a little math.

IF "New prophetic utterance" = "Word from God"
and IF "Sword of the Spirit" = "Word of God" (Ephesians 6:17)
THEN, "Word of/from God" = "Sword of the Spirit"

You know, it is sure starting to look like God wasted his time in giving us the Bible!...

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...He gave us an INCOMPLETE book that really doesn't help at all because according to Todd Bentley, we can't use it to prove whether or not someone really heard from God! And they say we "LIMIT GOD" by restricting his nature to His Word.

Somebody help me out. Should I believe the message of Todd Bentley, John MacArthur, or Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda? They ALL claim to speak a "Word from God" yet they each say the other is a false teacher.

Todd Bentley & John MacArthur say Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda is FALSE.
John MacArthur says Todd Bentley and Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda are FALSE.
Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda says Todd Bentley and John MacArthur are FALSE.

I sure hope God gives me a "rightly-dividing prophetic utterance" to help me know who speaks the truth!


Today at lunch, The Lord spoke to me in a "prophetic utterance". He instructed me to "sacrifice a sheep, strip naked, cover myself in its blood, and dance on Todd Bentley's stage and I will be healed". That is my personal "Word of God" which is the "sword of the Spirit" and it will bring me victory!

I MUST OBEY that "word", because God said to do it.

And I MUST receive my healing because God said I would.

And you MUST not question it, because God still works in any way he wants.

And you MUST not say that it's "not of God", because in forsaking the Written Revealed Word of God as the FINAL AUTHORITY, you have nothing to measure my prophecy against, anyway.

I'm really GLAD God still gives "prophetic utterances"... maybe he'll soon tell me that he has changed his mind on those crazy commandments that make life so dull! Or maybe he will tell me that I should move to Hawaii and buy a pineapple plantation. That would be cool.

Wait!... I'm downloading!... Whoa! I just received a "prophetic utterance"! God just told me to tell you to send a love gift of $30,000 dollars... if you don't do it, he will smite you.

Now, all you believers in extra-biblical "words from God"... prove that He didn't say it... And if you can't prove it without the Bible, send me the money. Since God said send it, you better do it, otherwise you are sinning against God in disobedience.


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Bible Student said...

Y'know, Pastor, as an ex-Pentecostal teenager, everything coming out of his mouth is nothing new to me. It was nothing more than a frightening blend of Word of Faith [heresy] and New Apostolic Reformation [even more heresy].

Note how near the end of the clip, he exhorts people to be "prayed up" before they go see Bentley. I know why they do that, coming from a Pentecostal manse. You don't attend a revival armed with a Greek New Testament, systematic theology and a 500-page notebook ready to learn. You are going to see something, not learn something - and that, Pastor Sharp, is where you get free reign to do as you please.

I'm 17, so I'm not quite old enough to remember the Toronto Blessing, but I can still remember watching the TV shows from the other Florida revival - the Pensacola Outpouring. I can remember there being a scant amount of teaching from there - just folks "going dumb", quaking like the San Andreas Fault was a permanent fixture inside of them, rattling so-called "tongues" and "prophecy".

Will Bentley's Florida nightmare become a distant dream? Thanks to Ignited Church and GOD TV [which started in my native England], it looks less and less likely that this will die down in the next few months...then again, God-ordained miracles do happen.

Pastor Ellery said...

I have a problem with extra-biblical 'prophetic utterences' that have no support from the word of God. That kind of teaching smacks of gnosticism. All 'prophetic utterence' should play second or no fiddle at all to the complete, written word of God.
That said, I do believe there is such a thing as a 'prophetic word'. It is the gift of prophecy from 1 Corinthians 12.
Simply put, it is the proclaiming, or reporting of what God spontaneously and supernaturally reveals to us for the purpose of the edification, exhortation, and comfort of the church.
These words do not on any way carry the same divine authority as the OT prophets and NT apostles
(See Dr. Wayne Grudem, 'The Gift of Prophecy in the NT Church and Today').
I believe we can 'know' something supernaturally about a person while praying for them. This knowledge is merely a confirmation to the one being prayed for that God cares and is on the case(see 1 Cor 14:24-25)!
A preacher's story in a sermon or our very own testimony can cause someone to feel as though God is talking directly to them!
The propetic gift can also 'see' into the future inorder to reveal alarming trends in society and the church.
Yes, there is prophetic abuse. That is unfortunate. But that doesn't mean there are no modern day prophets.
Men like CS Lewis and Francis Schaeffer and others could be seen as manifesting this gift to the church at large.
The true prophetic gift is not weird, New Age or psychic in nature. It is not meant to bring new scripture to the world. It is not meant to validate personal experiences or 'utterences' over the written word of God.
It is, again, a manifestation of the Spirit of God, in which God spontaneously and supernaturally reveals something to us for the purpose of the edification, exhortation and comfort of the church.

Jon@TheWay said...

Wow... What a wise comment from a teen. I wish I had this understanding at that age. Continue being a "Bible Student" and you'll never need to fear the false teachers. God bless you.

Jon@TheWay said...

By the way... England needs you!
Do the work of an evangelist...
Fulfill your ministry. (II Tim 4:1-5)

Jon@TheWay said...

Pastor Ellery,

Thanks for your comments... I am not a cessationist concerning prophecy. I simply believe that God has STOPPED giving us NEW WORDS and INSTRUCTIONS."


I believe the Holy Spirit works in us "as HE wills". Your comments show your understanding of the NT operation of "prophecy" and "words of knowledge" AS THE SPIRIT WILLS.

But (as my wife said) as soon as these guys put "prophet" under their name on a business card they show their error.

The true gift of prophecy and words of knowledge is worked without our "help" and not as the focus of the "show".

Jesus remains the focus of every prophecy and of every word that the Holy Spirit wills that we speak in the working of His gifts.

He doesn't need our help, and we usually don't even know we are "operating" in these gifts. But I do desire that He use me any way he sees fit. Whether in the "greater gifts" or not I desire to be used.

God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Fork over the money or God Will Punish You (TM) -- so what else is new? Except maybe the Special Revelation/"God Saith!" tacked on?

American Life League's telemarketers pulled that one on me during the Bork confirmation!

Anonymous said...

Wow he told YOU to sacrifice a sheep, strip naked, and cover yourself in its blood TOO!

He said the same to me.

Two of us are in agreement!!

Quick, let's rent a tent - revival's a-coming!!!