Wednesday, June 11, 2008


This is what I have been told lately...

Put down your bible, let me tell you what I feel
Just put that away and you could see something real
You should not try to read it, you will not all agree
It isn't all we have, that is what God told me
Put down your scriptures and we can all just get along
We need to agree, not say who's right or wrong
Put down your bible and take up my word
We no longer need to study, from God that's what I heard
The scriptures are wonderful, but not the only way
There is so much more, God told me just today
All you do is divide, and all we want is to be one
And we may not all agree on the nature of His Son
So just put it down and let's see what we can hear
I feel the voice of God whispering in my ear
I'm tired of theology it only hurts my head
I can tell you all about what the God of the universe said
He said it in my ear, audible was the sound
So please won't you listen and lay the scriptures down
If they do not agree with what my God has spoken
It must be them, and not me that is broken
If you would just let go of what you think they say
We can all be united in a single belief one day
You stand up and say that I just don't have it right
But have you ever seen an angel in the night
I'm tired of what the bible says throughout
I have one or two verses that I love to talk about
So if you will not place your bible on the shelf
You have no place here, go tell somebody else
He told me things, and I know what I heard
He said listen to me and put down His Word

There is a time to put down God's Word.
That is so we may stand firm on it, our sure, solid, foundation!

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Jon@TheWay said...

WOOHOOO! WOW! Great poem, Kari! Hits HARD and is completely relevant (in a completely anti-emergent way!) to all that is going on in this "end-times revival" mystical spirituality!
The WRITTEN REVEALED WORD ALONE! All else is gnosticism!

God, lead them to repentance...

Trent said...

I have posted this on my blog as well. If that is not okay, let me know and I will take it down.

~R said...

Wow great poem!