Friday, June 27, 2008

TODD BENTLEY: God said "Knee that cancer patient in the gut"

The video below is from a man named Stefan Driess... start the video at 4:03 to see Todd Bentley knee him in the stomach. Now, mind you, Mr. Driess idolizes Mr. Bentley as a "man of God" so Todd could have literally punched him in the nose and Mr. Driess would have taken it as a gift from God. (Notice Todd's Pro Wrestler move of slapping his knee first!)

Now I don't know who this next guy is, but I truly feel sorry for him. The guy is dying, looking to Todd for confirmation or a finalizing of his miracle healing of "stage IV metastatic colon cancer". He felt a "quiver" in his abdomen and believed God was doing something so he went on stage with Todd.

The video is painful to me, both from the poor guy's perspective AND from Todd's perspective. What/who's voice did Todd hear that told him to knee this guy in the gut? Todd believes he was being "obedient to the Lord"... but was it really the Lord who told him to get a running start and knee the guy?

God's word never gives example of anyone being healed by someone inflicting physical pain upon them. And when did any Biblical healer ever have to explain to the "healee" why he caused them physical pain? You never heard Peter say: "Master, why doth thou pile-drive the lame and the sick?" You never heard Jesus say: "Ye of little faith; Demons of lameness will not be loosed my much prayer and fasting alone!" I AM NOT JOKING HERE! Where are Todd Bentley's "voices" originating?

Why this poor guy kept smiling I really don't know. I guess he is sadly deceived, or maybe he was simply struggling to cover his true feelings, emotional and physical.
Note how he grunts and lets out a moan when Todd knees him.

Why not pray right now for this guy. Odds are he still has stage IV metastatic colon cancer... and maybe some new soreness to go along with it thanks to the "goodness of Todd".

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TMRFiles said...

Hi Jon:

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that video. I have it up on my site also, and here is my response:

This is unreal. Prepare yourself as you watch this outrageous performance of Todd Bentley as he kicks a man with stage 4 metastatic cancer in the stomach.

This 'revival' needs to be shut down and fast. I have emailed ingited church informing them of that. I urge everyone who reads this and watched the video to do the same. You can email ignited church at

I also sent ignited a copy of the video.


Cafetoria said...

In this video, I do not see that the beat was real (but I have seen other videos we Todd B. kick it hard).
Actually what surprise me is the lack of sensibility of you guys who focus on a kick but do not see the power itself that produce that kick (trembling and lying on the floor). It reminds me when Jesus was doing miracles and the pharisees were not amazed at all on that but instead were focusing on finding some mistakes from Jesus: like healing on Saturdays.