Friday, July 11, 2008

PRAISE THE LORD!... A TRUE Lakeland Miracle??

As some of my friends know, I have been working on getting an interview with Todd Bentley for about a month and a half now. It looked like things were just about to be set as I was making arrangements with Todd's media director Lynne Breidenbach.

I was going to interview Todd when he was in Dallas, but due to Todd's schedule he was not available. Then I was trying to schedule a trip to Lakeland and just yesterday got this message in an e-mail from Mrs. Breidenbach:

"Todd Bentley is taking a rest from the revival, and there will be no interviews scheduled for several weeks. Once he returns, I will again process your request."

I was actually dumbfounded. After several weeks of trying to get this set up, I didn't understand what she meant, whether she meant he was going to be GONE for several weeks, or simply not doing interviews for several weeks. I immediately wrote back telling Mrs. Breidenbach that I was confused and asked her to clarify it for me. Here's what I wrote:

Ms. Breidenbach,

I just need some clarification of your e-mail. I'm confused. Since you wrote "Once he returns,"... am I correct in assuming that you mean Mr. Bentley is leaving the revival for several weeks,... or is he simply not doing interviews for several weeks? I have friends who were going to visit the revival between July 21st - July 26th specifically to see Todd Bentley. Will he be there (as his itinerary shows) on those dates?

Will you please contact me when you "re-process" my request?

I appreciate your help so far, and sincerely look forward to getting this interview scheduled at some point in the near future.

Pastor Jon Sharp
The Way Christian Fellowship

She then responded to that e-mail in a fairly testy way,... I guess it was because I have corresponded with her repeatedly trying to set up an interview with Todd Bentley. I'm quite sure Todd didn't want to be interviewed by us, but was unable to say so since he had regularly invited "all media" to come check out what was going on. Here's her rather testy e-mail:

What about this is hard to understand? When he gets back after his break, we will consider your request. I can not attempt to accommodate your request, or anyone else, at this time.
Mrs. Breidenbach

So,... I knew about Todd's "vacation" yesterday but had to leave town and had no time to blog about this exciting development,... then TODAY I got the e-mail from GodTV (Yes,... I subscribed to their updates!) which said this:

Fresh Fire Ministries announced yesterday that Todd Bentley would be taking some time off to refresh and to rest from the Florida Outpouring after nearly one hundred days of ministry. The Lakeland meetings will continue and Todd will remain the leader of this move of God.

GOD TV as the exclusive broadcast partner in the outpouring knows our viewers have been incredibly blessed through our nightly broadcasts with many lives changed, bodies healed and souls refreshed - we have thousands of e-mails testifying to the work of God in your lives.

We will continue to stream the LIVE services from Lakeland every night on our website ( – the Florida Healing Stream) and also make available the most recent service via our on demand platform. However we will take the opportunity to rearrange our broadcast schedules and bring you some incredible primetime programming - including the 2008 Hillsong Australia Conference EXCLUSIVELY on GOD TV, Rodney Howard Browne's Summer Campmeetings LIVE and many more programmes - PLUS highlights of some of the best nights from the Lakeland Outpouring - this will also all form part of our Battle For Britain initiative in the UK.

We will make another announcement once Todd is fully refreshed and rested about the resumption of our LIVE broadcasts from Lakeland - but until then, you can continue to enjoy the nightly meetings LIVE at and if you are watching on GOD TV then you have lots of great programmes to look forward to plus highlights from the outpouring.

Eli Miller, a senior leader of Fresh Fire Ministries and a long time associate of Todd Bentley announced today that Todd Bentley, leader of the Florida Outpouring, will be taking some time off. “We are grateful for our partnership with GOD TV that has allowed this revival to go around the world”, Miller said. While the revival will continue, the leaders of Fresh Fire believe it is important for Todd to take some time to re-fresh and to rest.

During this tim e, the revival broadcast will still be available LIVE on the GOD TV website and at Fresh Fire’s website

WHAT!?!! Do you realize what this means??? The "Florida Outpouring" is NOT going to be available LIVE on DirecTV for at least awhile! We should all praise the Lord for this true, verifiable, Lakeland Miracle!

However,... isn't it strange that Todd is starting his "time off" the very next night after his failed Nightline segment AND in the direct middle of the time (June 22 - July 22) that was prophesied to be the BIGGEST & BEST outpouring of God's presence since Acts 2, when "the Glory" would fall in its FULLEST, according to Todd Bentley and Bob Jones?

I believe this is a GOOD SIGN. I pray that without Todd Bentley in the limelight that many will quit watching and quit following the "fire" in Lakeland.

What I'm really only worried about is the possiblity of WHICH heretic or false prophet will be in the forefront in Lakeland during Todd's "rest time"!

Those of us who have internet access must make sure to keep an eye on the live feed at and! Don't let this victory stop you from fighting until the war is over!


PS... I also agree with sheepyweepy over at Wolf Tracks... "Regardless of all that has been going on, I think the Lord would have His sheep pray for Todd Bentley." The guy is a human and a soul in need of the Good Shepherd's mercy and grace. I pray that Todd seeks Him.

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Anonymous said...

Give the man a break, he needs some time to spend all that $$$$$ that he's been raking in.