Saturday, August 16, 2008


This letter was posted at Charisma Magazine's forums.
I think it is worth posting here.

On Sat, 8/16/08, Jacob Prasch wrote:
From: Jacob Prasch
Subject: Revival Facts
Date: Saturday, August 16, 2008, 2:55 AM

Dear. Mr. Strader

These Are The Facts:

* Toronto and Pensacola brought no 'revival', so why should more of the same at Lakeland?

* If Todd Bentley became a Christian after being a criminally convicted homosexual pedophile who is now filing for marital separation, this is not true of his mentors Bob Jones & Paul Cane. Jones was a sexual predator and proven false prophet after being a supposed Christian, and Paul Cane has always been a drunken pervert homosexual alcoholic.

* The Fruit of The Spirit is 'ekreitei' Self Control (not the lack of it) and 'gentleness' (not a tattooed goon kicking old ladies in the stomach).

* There are no female angels in scripture and in The Olivet Discourse Jesus warned to avoid those claiming His physical presence prior to the parousia.

* By some accounts the DA / Prosecutor says that you - Steven Strader (Karl's other son), are as bad as your jail bird brother locked up as a professional gangster under RICO until 2036 for swindeling elderly Christians out of $3 million dollars.

* Bentley could not, as was nationally televised, produce medically documented proof of any healings or resurrections.

* Wm. Branham was a demonstrable heretic with beliefs contrary to biblical Pentecostalism.

* His ridiculous antics in Los Angeles with Che Anh was a money losing failure and a joke.

In other words, Bentley is finished and your freak show is over.

Now why don't you do the sensible thing and give everyone their money back and send them home and tell C. Peter Wagner and his discredited clowns to go find another dilapidated band wagon to jump on?


Jacob Prasch/ Moriel