Saturday, February 21, 2009

Are You Satisfied? ... I hope not!

Based on a writing by Horatius Bonar in his book "God's Way of Peace"

One might say; "I'm not satisfied with my faith". Of course you aren't! And you never will be... at least I hope not! The Bible doesn't say, "Therefore being satisfied with our faith we have peace with God;" it says, "being justified by faith, we have peace with God."

One might say; "I'm not satisfied with my repentance." That's wonderful! What would you do with your repentance if you were satisfied with it? Would you find peace in your repentance? Would you bring your repentance to God as the payment for your sin instead of the blood of His only acceptable sacrifice,... His Son, Jesus? Oh, what a prideful, self-righteousness person you are if you're satisfied with your repentance and faith! You can never find true peace in your own lousy attempts at repentance or faith. You're only lying to yourself and you're destined to fail if you put any trust in your own abilities to "repent and believe" to God's standards of perfection.

"I'm not satisfied with my ability to love." What do you expect? You can never expect to be satisfied with any grace found in yourself as long as you live! Ask yourself this question; Was it your love for Christ or His love for you that gave you peace when you were saved?

Now then, the only thing that satisfies Almighty God is the Person and work of His Son, Jesus Christ! And He satisfies all of God's demands and requirements entirely!! So it is only with Christ that we should be satisfied... never with ourselves or anything about us! Only when we cease from ALL our labors, and ALL our righteousness, and ENTER INTO HIS REST, will pardon and peace come... and it will come without delay!

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