Sunday, March 15, 2009

SICKNESS, PAIN & TRIALS: God's "Best Life Now" for you?

FOR FANS OF TODD BENTLEY & JOEL OSTEEN and others who believe God only wants health, wealth, and good times for His people.

From Charles H. Spurgeon's writing entitled "On My Back":

"Sickness in the believer is intended for the glory of God, and in part this design is answered during the trial. It is to be feared that the Lord gets but a small revenue of glory from some of us; we defraud the royal exchequer of many dues: much conscience-money might we all send into court on account of our long and heavy arrears of thankfulness. Sickness takes out a warrant against ingratitude, and surcharges us for our defalcations, by bringing our negligences to remembrance.

God gets many a song from his caged birds which might never be heard if they had strength to wanton on the wing. Psalms and hymns, like music on the water, sound sweetly from the deeps of suffering... Until the oyster is sick it yields no pearls... We make most progress in our voyage heavenward when the wind is rough: calms are more pleasant than profitable; better for comfort than for commerce; fairer in the present than in the retrospect. Affliction cuts the facets of the Lord's diamonds, and so they shine with a greater lustre to his honour. What the church owes to the file and the hammer no tongue can tell.

Would the church triumphant have been so glorious as it now is, if its members had been spared the great tribulation out of which they passed to their crowns? Would half the grace which now beautifies the church militant have been discernible at all, if severe trials had not developed it? Would the Lord have had honour among us if the chastening rod had been laid aside? For the world to see how a Christian can endure hardness, is a great glory to God. The great hospital of saintly suffering is a grand exposition in which the choice works of the Holy Spirit are exhibited to all who have eyes to see.

Oh! how foolish are we to fear and dread bodily suffering, when it hath no killing hand, but two hands full of blessings.
We fear our mercies and tremble at our soul-enrichments; we cry out against a friend as though he were an enemy, and chase away an angel as though he were a devil. If we could but see the words, "Not unto death,"(John 11:4)emblazoned upon the escutcheon of our afflictions, we should receive them with more willing mind.

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Anonymous said...

Some commenters are anonymous (as you asked in another blog) because tho I have tried to sign in, it didn't work on my computor. Anon is easier and I just don't care enough to bother with an 'identity'. I could make one up anyway. Who would know.

Jon@TheWay said...

Thanks Mike Anonymous...
-if that IS your real name! :)

I made the comment only because it always seems (may not be reality) that those who disagree are unwilling to stand behind it if they are to be identified.

In some cases it may be people I know, who don't want a constant debate. Or it may be people who are involved who don't want to reveal themselves.

I welcome and enjoy ALL comments including those passionate in their disagreement. The idea here is to grow and learn and "test all things" by scripture... including my writing.

If you (or my mother, or the pope) comment in disagreement, it doesn't hurt my feelings. It only puts me back in the Bible to see if my big mouth is on track with God's Word. So I truly appreciate ALL comments.

I understand "easier" so if that's the reason for Anonymous comments I'm not going to gripe.

Mainly, it is just much nicer FOR ME to respond to a "real person", knowing how to address a gender, or a name... even if it is a pseudonym.

Maybe my readers could use the old Dear Abby method signing "Disgusted in Phoenix" or something of that sort.