Wednesday, April 8, 2009

VIDEO: Advice from Alfie and me... for Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood does a great job. Their staff and equipment efficiently process millions of perfectly healthy babies reducing them to perfectly dead, less bothersome babies. They kill millions of babies a year with relatively few complications. They suck all of the blood and baby parts directly into garbage bags, out of the "patient's" view, in a clean, white sterile environment. They have perfected the art of murder... AND made it legal and socially acceptable, too! If they deserve credit for anything, they deserve credit for doing what they do with efficiency.

They have an article on their website entitled "Five Ways to Prevent Abortion..."

I can give them ONE way that would be guaranteed to be effective, if they are really interested.

If Planned Parenthood would just change the hidden aspect of their processing,... if they instead laid all those millions of dead babies out on tables to be viewed by the mothers before their "proceedures",... perhaps, just maybe, a few women would suddenly see their "freedom to choose" in the light of its consequences; a real, dead, human baby boy or girl!

Then again, Planned Parenthood isn't interested in ideas that might be bad for business.

Ray Comfort has produced a great little video to show how Hollywood has cleaned up some of its past "mistakes". I guess it's not acceptable anymore to call abortion murder. I wonder what changed between 1966 and 2004? (*cough*Roe v. Wade*cough*)

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